Your First Visit

What to Expect

Your first visit with Dr. Gin will last approximately 45 minutes and will cover your health history including a detailed analysis of your major systems in your body.  Please arrive 20 minutes early to fill out intake paperwork (or bring in the completed paperwork that was sent ahead of time via email or fax).  If you have copies of any blood tests or lab work, please bring these with you to be reviewed.

The first visit will also include an extensive review and assessment of your current lifestyle including health issues, diet, sleep, exercise, stress, vices, etc… Many patients find that it is helpful to have a list of questions and concerns prepared for their first visit. Ideally, you will also have thought about some of your goals in health. (Though these are individual to every patient, some common goals include: increasing energy, reducing pain, weight loss, improving blood sugar control and/or lipid profiles, decreasing allergies, reducing effects of chronic disease, mood stability and improving skin symptoms, etc.)

Dr. Gin will perform a focused physiological and neurological exam in the first visit, specific to your reason(s) for seeking care.

On a subsequent visit, you and Dr. Gin will discuss the importance and meaning of his findings. At this point Dr. Gin may recommend a treatment plan customized for your condition. You will review this plan to make sure that all pieces of it are realistic, understandable and mutually agreed-upon.

The treatment plan may include:

  • Lifestyle modifications to begin (food choices, exercise, sleep, stress management)
  • Recommendations of nutritional supplements/herbs/homeopathy–what they are for and when and how to take them
  • Neurological-based home exercises
  • Comprehensive and balanced holistic treatment approaches utilizing cutting edge technologies
  • Goals for the future

Your follow up visits will be scheduled on a frequency and duration based on the severity and nature of your specific health concerns.