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After being diagnosed and treated for cancer in 2010 no doctor ever taught me so many things like Dr. Gin did. I was very surprised when I had a reoccurrence in 2013 because I thought I was eating healthy and doing the right things. But after meeting Dr. Gin last year I can now say that I was far from healthy especially with what I had gone through. I wish I would’ve known as much information back then regarding nutrition, stress and other things as I know now. But it’s never too late! I’m so happy that my husband came across his web site and Yelp reviews when searching for a good Naturopath Doctor.

Dr. Gin is kind, friendly and cares; he listens and answers all your questions. He is sincere and very informative. He will also give you options like finding out if your body reacts to certain foods by eliminating those foods and later slowly re introducing them or going straight for a more pricy blood test to get the results fast. I’ve recovered my energy and changed my nutrition because a lot of my problems were related to my immune system. Stress had a lot to do with my illness so thanks to him I now have a very different approach in life. Thanks Dr. Gin!

I highly recommend his monthly workshop; it is loaded with information and a good way to find out if Dr. Gin’s practice is good for you.  Katherine, the receptionist, is very nice and knowledgeable too!

Virgina F., Irvine, CA

I cannot recommend Dr. Gin highly enough! In fact, I am already referring a family member to him. Some of the great things about Dr. Gin include: he is extremely knowledgeable, very clear, and he will tell you if he thinks that he cannot help anymore so that he is not wasting your time. Furthermore, Dr. Gin uses natural medicine practices to hone in on problem areas. It is a little hard to explain but trust me, it works! I recommend being open to this non-traditional (in a western medicine sense) because I, and the other 20+ 5 star reviewers, can attest that this absolutely works. Additionally, Kat, his assistant, is extremely nice and very helpful.

Before seeing Dr. Gin, I was extremely fatigued to the point where I hadn’t been able to work for almost four months. I had seen two general practitioners and three specialists who were not able to really find anything wrong with me. I was finally diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which just means that the doctors don’t know what is wrong other than me being extremely exhausted all the time.

After seeing Dr. Gin for about a month and a half, I started notice my energy coming back and now I am finally able to return to work. I can guarantee that my recovery is due to Dr. Gin. My other doctors were not doing much, they were giving me medications and telling me to wait a couple months to see if there were results. In contrast, I was meeting with Dr. Gin every week he would change his treatment based on how I was responding. I am part of the minority who did not immediately respond to Dr. Gin’s treatment, however through his diligence he was able to find the problem and get me back on my feet. It was great feeling like a doctor actually cared about me rather than basically telling me to wait it out.

I’d like to reiterate again my recommendation for being open with Dr. Gin’s practices. At first I was skeptical, I am very logical and we have been ingrained with western-medicine “norms”. But as I’ve stated earlier, these methods truly do work. What I also appreciated is Dr. Gin explained what he was doing as he was working on me. He understands that his methods seem strange to people who have not experienced them before. I also recommend going to the Dinner with the Doctor which is a workshop that Dr. Gin does where he also provides a light meal. I was not able to attend, which may explain some of why I was skeptical about the techniques he was using.

In summary: Go see Dr. Gin! You won’t regret it.

Steven S., Corona, CA

I too would like to add MANY more stars!!! I have been seeing Dr. Gin for a couple  of years now. He was the answer to my prayers! After being told by many, many M.D.s that I was either “an unusual case” or they didn’t know what to do to help me after their 10 minute appointment & typical Rx tries, I felt so tired of it all. So I took matters into my own hands with Dr. Gin’s help! And, it worked!!! I was born prematurely &, therefore, have always had a very sensitive immune system. Now that I’m in my forties, it seemed to be more pronounced. Dr. Gin has been the ONLY doctor I have ever seen who took the immense time & patience with me to really help figure out what my body is like. He was patient when things didn’t work for me, and was sensitive about my “uniqueness”, and he kept trying. He is a very open & caring doctor, and very loving to his patients. Now my whole family sees him. With his help, I have learned what strengthens my body & I am doing great now! I have more energy, feel less like a  “freak of nature”, react less to foods/supplements, and have come to realize my sensitivity is a gift! And, Dr. Gin has helped me with it all! He works on so many levels, physical, emotional, neurological. It all harmonizes marvelously well together! Thank you for everything Dr. Gin!!!  You have an amazing gift, and I feel so fortunate to be able to see you!

L.E., Trabuco Canyon, CA

So I have two doctors. One is a medical doctor, and the other is a naturopathic/holistic doctor (natural medicine). Both have diagnosed me with Hashimoto’s disease. I have been going to my medical doctor since I was fifteen and she has just been continually “upping” my dosage of a synthetic thyroid hormone. A few months ago, I was realizing that as much as my dosage has been being raised, I was not feeling better; I was actually slowly feeling worse (brain fog, low energy, stomach aches after everything I was eating, and frequently getting sick). I began to be uncomfortable taking a synthetic pill everyday and wondered if it was possible to feel better naturally, after finding Dr. Gin on yelp, I immediately called and attended his workshop (highly recommend).

Appointments with Dr. Gin are great and after every visit I feel like a new person! And also, my first 2 visits were free because I attended the workshop, it’s a really good deal. My auto-immune disease requires frequent check ups which have hurt my pocket a little bit but I don’t even care because I feel great. Anyway, he works with me for about an hour every time testing muscles, working on emotions, and really narrowing down common problems and fixes them almost immediately. For my auto-immune disease, he had me on a special diet (which was very difficult, i’ll admit…no sugar!!) and on supplements (probiotics, vitamins, etc.) and I felt better in about 3 days (brain fog gone, stomach aches gone, more energy, haven’t gotten sick yet). THREE DAYS!  I love it!!!!

Appointments with my other doctor (medical) have a $30 co-pay where I wait for almost an hour to be seen, she tells me my thyroid is out of whack (which I already knew), ups my dosage, and sends me away. It is very frustrating.

It amazes me how something as simple as changing a diet, taking some supplements, and working with your emotions can really make you feel almost 100% better, and so fast!! It is increasingly becoming more popular because it is so effective. I highly recommend him. His practice has made me a happier person.

Briana C., Dana Point, CA

This review is long over due but I have been delightfully busy living the happy and healthy life that Dr. Gin helped me get back! Thank you Dr. Gin!

I started seeing Dr. Gin in Aug of 2013 with a long list of issues; I now know were a result of autoimmune and food/toxin sensitivities. I always prided myself on being a health and fitness nut…but he showed me how my chemistry was different and that what was healthy for the mainstream was not for me. He was able to provide so many of the missing keys to healing me… a diagnosis, an explanation with a clear plan, the products, the support, knowledge and the personal power i needed. He and Kat are always there to field questions too and the office is such a serene place. Within a very short time I knew the path he had me on would provide the relief and answers I had been trying to get thru so many failed attempts with other medical professionals. He has even started treating our 7 year old daughter and helped us understand her food sensitivities. The knowledge that Dr. Gin has given us is living changing.

Dr. Gin is amazing! He truly gave our family such a gift with helping us figure out why mama was feeling so sick and weak. Thank you! Clearly we think Dr. Gin is the best!

Celeste M., Laguna Niguel, CA

Dr. Gin is quite gifted! When I came to him about 6 months ago, I was at the end of my rope. I had been struggling to feel better and had been searching for relief for years. Dr. Gin came highly recommended to me but for some time I’d put off trying him – I believe because I had tried so many various doctors and treatment modalities and nothing had really helped me, so I was feeling apathetic. I had various ailments: autoimmune, post-menopausal, depression, insomnia, anxiety. . .thankfully, Dr. Gin approaches problems addressing the physical, emotional, nutritional and possible toxic(ity) components. He’s highly insightful and in tune with his patients. I no longer feel depressed, I feel alive and happy most of the time, I am sleeping well – I am smiling! Most recently we have been working on nutrition and I can honestly say that I haven’t felt this well in many years. I was gaining weight I couldn’t seem to prevent and that not only stopped but I dropped the weight gain and feel quite fit and firm – I feel really good! So, I highly recommend Dr. Gin – healing is definitely his life purpose and his gift. He gave me my life back.

Janet R., Laguna Niguel, CA

Dr. Gin is amazing! I started seeing him a year ago and have been experiencing wonderful results with my health, energy levels and overall peace. I had digestive problems, hormone imbalance, brain fog, and low energy when I started seeing Dr. Gin. This state of being made it difficult to be fully present in my life and parent my four young children. Previous doctors said all was “normal”. With diet changes that my body needed specifically, healing of old emotional wounds, and natural remedies, I have been experiencing wellness I never knew was possible. My husband and kids are reaping the benefits as well with me feeling good! I’m able to be fully present and engaged in my life and have tools to life long health and wellness because of Dr. Gin’s commitment and compassion to heal others.

Gina B., Irvine, CA

I have been seeing Dr. Gin for about 2 months now and am VERY happy with the results thus far. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder 4 1/2 years ago and have been struggling with it ever since. In fact, when I look back on it, I had symptoms long before I was ever diagnosed, which I attributed to a variety of things, including stress, injuries, and strenuous exercise. In addition, I have been tested every year for as long as I can remember for thyroid and blood sugar issues because my complaints to my GP so clearly suggested problems in these areas. Each time, however, the tests said I was “normal” and my doctors did nothing about it.

Dr. Gin has been able to improve the symptoms associated with my autoimmune disorder as well as the thyroid and blood sugar problems I “didn’t have.” Dr. Gin also explained to me why my doctors didn’t diagnose these problems in the first place (“normal” is based on the average of all blood tests taken at a certain lab; if sick people are having blood analyzed at a far more frequent rate than healthy people, the idea of “normal” is greatly skewed and, therefore, many people who do necessitate treatment fall into the “normal” category incorrectly). Since working on these issues, I have noticed significant improvement in my energy, concentration, mood, inflammation, and joint/muscle pain.

After years of doctor’s appointments and TONS of lab work (MRIs, CT scans, blood tests, etc.), I FINALLY feel like someone is actually listening to what I’m saying and is wholeheartedly treating my symptoms as a whole, rather than trying to mask them with additional medications or insinuating that I’m making it up or crazy. There is nothing worse than feeling terribly and being so scared that you’ll never get better and then having an authority figure (your doctor) tell you that NOTHING is wrong with you! Dr. Gin’s caring nature and attentiveness to your personal concerns is the exact opposite of the doctors I’ve interacted with in the past. Moreover, Katherine, who runs the front desk and administrative tasks (and probably much more than I’m not aware of), is fantastic! She’s equally kind and has a very friendly and engaging demeanor.

I highly recommend that anyone and everyone attend his workshop to get more information about his practice. They are usually held on the first Tuesday of the month in the early evening and he covers everything from the idea of general health, to the importance of nutrition, to the value of understanding and appreciating the role of emotional health in terms of our physical well being. His workshops are totally free and he provides a light vegan meal. What do you have to lose?

Ashleigh C., Irvine, CA

I have been seeing Dr. Gin for a couple of years now. He has helped me with everything from a common cold, emotional stress, sprained ankle, sore back, getting pregnant, headaches and stomach issues. He does amazing work and you can tell he really loves it. His passion for helping people is evident every time you see him. Dr. Gin is a wonderful person and can help you with so many things. My mom, dad, husband, baby and friends all go to him too.

Krista K., Laguna Beach, CA

When you hear that you have auto-immune diseases, please do RUN to Dr. Gin’s office.

My symptom started from hives. A dermatologist started giving me all kinds of steroid creams, steroid shots and steroid pills. Then I experienced not only hives, but all kinds of skin rash! everyday is a different thing. I went to see a family doctor for a while and I got sent home with a couple of steroid cream – again – a steroid shot and a series of steroid pills and I was referred to an Allergist. He then right away referred me to a rheumatologist who diagnosed that I had auto-immune, but don’t know which one yet. He sent me home and gave me a stronger series of steroid pills – again. While taking them, I experienced swelling joints, fibromyalgia, etc. in a time-span of 2 weeks. I experienced a very deep depression, suicidal thoughts, mood swings, fatigue, stress and the worst was that I cannot go to work! I was disabled. I was a big blob of useless cause I was allergic to everything and couldn’t move a muscle – literally. My best friend had to drove me going back and forth to doctor and hospital’s appointments.

Then I had a chance to rest and didn’t take any medication for about 2 weeks due to CT scan and a little biopsy that I needed to have because of a shown lymph nodes which came up to normal; where I felt a little .. better.

When I started having suicidal thoughts, I Google searched “psychologist” – and Dr. Gin’s Yelp review came up. I kept him in my bookmark and emailed Jodi V. after I read her review about auto-immune. After several back and forth conversation with Jodi, I was convinced that this is my way back to health.

I called Dr. Gin’s office and made that appointment.

When I walked into that office, I was broken, crumbled, no hope and have just a drop of will to live. He explained to me and my husband very thoroughly and full of details! I walked out of that door with one drop of hope and 2 drops of will to live. The next week I went back and he started my examination and treatment. I went home with a big bag of supplements and a big bag of hope!

I started my regiment and new diet right away. On the third day, my brain fog went away and I was full hope hope and will to live. Not only that! On the 4th day, Dr. Gin CALLED me to check up on me!! I never had a doctor called me and checked up on me. Usually when I called them, they never call me back until my next appointment and see them face to face! A little too late.

Dr. Gin is a miracle worker. He gives you not only answer to your questions, care for you and he teach you how to listen to yourself. He sees you as a human. Not only body parts coming into the office. He takes care of your emotional, nutrition, physical and the toxins in your body.

**Please come to his workshop – it’s free, he supplies you with a light vegan dinner, and you can see what I meant by “emotional, nutrition, physical and the toxins”. He also demonstrates how he can gives you some relieves. Trust me. You would want to see this!!**

Today is my 6th week and last week was my last treatment. Today I feel alive, normal and educated! He gave me gifts that I will never ever able to buy anywhere! He taught me how to take control of my health. And I got that control right now.

I used to say: Roller Derby saved my life (I used to play roller derby) .. and now I am saying: Dr. Gin saved my life.

Mayco L., Costa Mesa, CA

No brainer I’d rate Dr. Gin 5 stars! I wouldn’t drive all the way from Ventura to Laguna Hills if I didn’t think so! Some days it can take me 3 hours to get there with traffic…but it is SO worth the drive!

I started seeing him after my best friend referred me. I sat in on one of his free lectures and was instantly a believer in his advanced practice. The lecture was informative, fun, interactive, and had free food!

From then on, I had a good feeling about him. Instantly felt comfortable with discussing my stomach and digestive issues with him on our first meet up! This was the first time a doctor took the time to sit and go over everything and anything, answering all my questions thoroughly…needless to say a sigh of relief! I soon began to realize what I thought/felt was “normal” for my body, was not normal at all, and other doctors I had seen seemed to ignore these issues along the years. Everything from emotional, diet, structural, and environmental all were factors why everything felt off and Dr. Gin let me know his practice focused on the four factors and how the body is all interconnected.

Diagnosed with celiac disease in early 2007, completely and happily on a gluten free diet! I knew my diet had been corrected to help my digestive issues, but after my father passed I started to feel not right. Dr. Gin begin to root a lot of my internal pain to emotional stress! The more I see him the more in tune I am with my body! I owe it all to Dr. Gin! Now training for my second half marathon, he has helped with structural corrections as well!

An added bonus, Katherine, the front desk receptionist, is amazing! She’s organized, follows up, and really welcoming and friendly! Both Katherine and Dr. Gin make you feel like your catching up with old friends!

Kristen B., Ventura, CA

I went into Dr. Gin desperate and far from hopeful to see yet another doctor for the multitude of ailments I had been experiencing. I am a 21 year old who appeared to look healthy, but felt like a sick, old, tired woman. I wasn’t getting any answers until I met Dr. Gin. I attended his Dinner with the Doc session and immediately felt a glimpse of hope. He goes above and beyond for his patients and intends on getting to the root of the problem so that it never comes up again, rather than masking the issue for temporary relief. After following Dr. Gin’s plan for recovery, I had gotten rid of my horrific stomach pains and digestive issue altogether. I began to relieve chronic neck, back and hip pain, gained a tremendous amount of energy back, and overall felt more in tune to my body. I truthfully began to see life more clearly. This all happened in under 5 weeks. I highly recommend Dr. Gin if you are feeling anything less than extraordinary. His compassionate, determined approach will ensure you you are in good hands. Mind, Body, Wisdom is a safe healing place providing incredibly beneficial outcomes.

Kara D., Orange, CA

Dr. Gin has literally changed my life. He is the real deal and truly cares about his patients. You need to have an open mind and a willingness to try the unconventional – but if you trust the process you’ll be amazed at the results.

When I found Dr. Gin I was at my wits end. I’d spent the previous 20 months seeing two different general practitioners and three different gastroenterologists — all of whom poked, prodded, scoped, tested and prescribed endless amounts of pills that were “sure to be the cure” I needed before fouling out: “you just have IBS, this is how your body is now”. Yeah, no thank you. I refused to believe that I could only safely eat 3 – 4 things; that the fatigue, joint pain, inflammation, bloating, GI issues, weight gain etc. was my new reality after having been a previously healthy early 30-something. So, I started looking for something different.

I had no idea what to expect but I knew I was willing to try anything. Dr. Gin took time to explain to me how functional medicine differs from western medicine and reviewed my charts and blood work in detail with my diagnosis. He presented more conservative or more aggressive treatment plans and I chose the aggressive.

Within 5 days there were noticeable improvements in my body. Almost immediately my chronic joint pain and inflammation subsided and my energy levels began to increase. Within 3 months my overall inflammation had significantly subsided, my GI issues were noticeably better, and my chronic congestion was gone. After about 1 year of supplements, checkups, and following a strict diet, my SIBO and leaky gut had almost completely cleared. Now I look forward to my check-ups every two months.

Be open to non-traditional practices. Go in with an open mind. And trust the process — don’t cheat! You’ll be amazed at how your body will respond.

Christina B., Irvine, CA

I’ve been seeing Dr. Gin since May and can easily say he’s changed my life. For years, I struggled with endometriosis (extremely irregular, heavy and long periods, painful bloating, GI distress, fatigue, and hormone imbalance), anxiety, depression, adrenal fatigue, and brain fog. In that same time frame, I had been following a whole foods diet, exercising 4-5x/week, getting 8 hours of sleep, drinking plenty of water, and living a holistic lifestyle. I still felt horrible and didn’t know what else I could possibly do to get my health in-check. At my wits’ end, I searched for holistic doctors and found Dr. Gin. I read through every review and figured it was worth a shot to make an appointment.

Fast forward 6 months, and I feel like a completely new person. My endometriosis and the accompanying symptoms are practically gone, my anxiety and depression is at an all time low, and adrenal fatigue and brain fog are gone.

Every time I walk out of Dr. Gin’s office after a visit, I feel like I’m on top of the world. The emotional healing was the biggest piece of the puzzle for me. I had no idea my body was holding onto so much emotional trauma over the years. It was the emotional aspect that was neglected in all the years of going around to various Western medicine doctors. This whole process has also inspired me to be more mindful of my mind, body, and spirit, as a whole. I cut down my heavy weight lifting routine and took up yoga and meditation. Instead of getting caught up in the chaos and stress of the modern world, I give myself plenty of time to decompress, and practice self-love and care on a daily basis.

I cannot recommend Dr. Gin enough. I can’t remember the last time I felt this good health-wise.  I even got my dad to become a patient, and have seen his health progress leaps and bounds from where it was. Thank you so much Dr. Gin (and Estelle), I am forever grateful!!

Cora I., Irvine, CA